Knowing someone is watching. Fearing unseen danger. Recognizing evil. 

Everyone gets those strange inklings, but some people sense more. They’re called Indigos.

When the Knowledge Reserve, a clandestine research organization, recruits US Secret Service agent Benjamin Delano, he’s forced to face the reality that people with psychic abilities exist.

In his first case, Delano investigates a rogue group of Indigos infiltrating the U.S. government. His only leads: the oddball visions of a homeless clairvoyant and the twisted warnings of an incarcerated—and psychic—serial killer.


Join Mara Lantern and her companions in a seven-volume science fiction adventure through reality, time and space, where they encounter everything from steampunk dream worlds to artificial humans, from dragons to disembodied spirits, where metaphysics is science and magic is just one belief from coming true..

Book 1: Broken Realms

Some lives are bigger than one reality. Because they have to be. The day Mara Lantern meets herself, her life gets bigger. When she meets her brother from an alternate universe, it becomes more complicated.

And when her new mentor says creatures from other realms are invading this world, she thinks it’s absurd. Until he explodes into a cloud of dust and reassembles himself. That makes her doubt.

Then he says only she can stop the invaders. That makes her afraid.

Book 2: Broken Souls

In the alternate reality from which Juaquin Prado hails, when a person dies, his spirit is interred, not his body. So when Prado gets killed during a botched bank robbery, his soul, left unattended, goes viral, possessing dozens of people simultaneously, evicting them from their bodies and causing them to decompose even though they are still alive.

As if Mara Lantern doesn’t have enough to worry about. Now, in addition to mastering her new metaphysical powers and having a mentor with a propensity for turning into a dragon, she must deal with mindless rotting people roaming the streets of Portland, Oregon.


Book 3: Broken Dragon

After agreeing to share his body with the consciousness of a dragon from an alternate reality, Ping—Mara Lantern’s friend and mentor—loses control. The creature senses danger and begins to rampage across metropolitan Portland, stalking Mara’s mother.

So busy fending off attacks, Mara doesn’t have time to figure out why her niece came from the future, or why people who crossed over from other realms are mysteriously disappearing. And if all of that wasn’t enough, Mara still isn’t sure if her friend Abby was actually turned into a metaphysical demon.


Book 4: Broken Pixels

In a realm where people abandon their flesh for synthetic bodies, Mara Lantern faces her greatest challenge yet: Preventing the Aphotis, the metaphysical demon that has possessed her friend Abby, from redesigning humanity.

When Mara receives a plea for help – via text message – from her friend Cam, she’s surprised. After all, his head is missing and she assumes he is dead. When cornered and faced with losing his body as well, she decides to use the Chronicle of Creation to escape. Her only option: take Cam’s synthetic body back to the one place where he can get help. Home. His home.

It’s a decision that will change her perception of what it means to be alive–and human—forever.


Book 5: Broken Dreams

Mara Lantern pursues her nemesis—and her friends—into a strange world of dreams where thought creates reality and steam drives exotic technology.

Being in a realm of synthetic people who store their biological bodies in stasis tubes is weird enough. Now Mara learns the slumbering occupants of the receptacles have created a dream world where they experience life apart from their artificial selves.

Unfortunately, Mara just put her best friend—who is possessed by a metaphysical demon—into one of the stasis receptacles, releasing evil into the minds of thousands of people, turning peaceful dreams into life-threatening nightmares.

To save two worlds—one physical, the other ethereal—Mara must embrace a new concept of metaphysics, one that is steam-powered.


Book 6: Broken Spells

To get her biological body back, Mara must save her counterpart and embrace the one thing her mentor Ping has always warned her to reject—magic.

After her consciousness is transferred to an artificial body during a visit to what her brother Sam calls the realm of the robots, Mara travels to the one place where her biological body can be restored—the realm of the Aphotis. There her counterpart, the Mara of that world, has the biomechanical know-how to help.

However, before the procedure can be done, Mara’s counterpart is kidnapped by a coven of magic-wielding fanatics led by a charismatic and powerful leader who blames her for destroying their faith.

To face this new enemy, Mara must learn new magical concepts that – until now – seemed more like fairy tales than the scientific metaphysical principles Ping has taught her.



Book 7: Broken Talisman

After months of traveling to other realms, venturing through time and space, after battling dragons and dead men, facing down mystical cults and embracing her extraordinary abilities, Mara Lantern must now face the consequences of all that has gone before.

Battles with her counterpart from an alternate universe have torn the fabric of reality, and she must endure a quest to repair the damage. If she fails, existence itself—or the life of her brother—may be the price she pays.


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